Fish Passage Property Purchase

At their September 2018 meeting, the DDA Board of Directors approved the purchase of 215 S. Union Street, a parcel of property along the Boardman River. Comsumers Engery currently owns the property and although valued at approximately $500,000, the DDA will pay $120,000. The property is anticipated to be used for an educational facility for the Fish Passage Project, a project that is aimed at studying invasive species and protecting our waterways.

FUNDING: TIF 97 funds will be utilized to purchase the property.

For more on the Fish Passage Project click HERE. 

Have questions on the FishPass Project? The Lower Boardman River Leadership Team is facilitating the process to gather questions from the community. Submit your questions before October 21, 2019 at the form HERE.

The Lower Boardman River Leadership Team wants to address community interest in the FishPass Project. Public meetings will be held on October 15, 2019 to ask questions and on October 30, 2019, questions will be answered at a public forum. Learn more here.