Lot O Redevelopment

The redevelopment of Lot 0, 159 E. State Street, will be proposed as a public/private project with the DDA leading the redevelopment process that meets three components; redevelop surface parking spaces, bring property tax on the City tax rolls, and identify business opportunities (current business to expand or new business opportunities.)

The DDA has created a Lot O Subcommittee and will work with City officials to identify the potential benefits to redeveloping Lot O.

Lot O Subcommittee

Leah Bagdon McCallum (2022) Chair
(517) 944-0376 (home)

Allison Beers (2019)
(231) 883-2708 (bus)

Bill Golden (2019) Treasurer
(231) 947-6924 (bus)

Scott Hardy (2020) Secretary
(231) 492-5898 (bus)

Debbie Hershey (2020)
(231) 350-2144 (home)

Stay Informed

Meeting Schedule Coming Soon!