Parking Subcommittee

The Traverse City DDA sought volunteers for the Parking Subcommittee to review strategies, advise, and provide recommendations to the DDA Board of Directors. The Parking Subcommittee is comprised of five DDA Board Members and two members at large. The primary purpose of the Committee is to establish a Parking Master Plan based on Transportation Demand Management (TDM) objectives.

The TDM Study may be found HERE.

The Committee shall advise and provide recommendations for the Parking Master Plan to the DDA which includes the following:

1. Capital Improvement Plans to maintain and improve equipment and technology, invest in new equipment and technology to improve and provide services

2. Recommendations for expanding or reducing parking allocation through private property and shared-use leases

3. Review and recommend zoning changes related to parking requirements and park-once initiatives

4. Review parking supply and support recommendations that improve utilization

5. Define and formalize performance-based pricing guidelines

6. Define Parking Benefit District guidelines

7. Define incentive guidelines for new developments

8. Support and expand biking options and infrastructure

9. Support transit initiatives

10. Support and expand mobility services (i.e. Destination Downtown and Bayline programs)

11. Support incorporating TDM objective in new public and private developments


Rick Brown, Member at Large

[email protected]

Steve Constantin, DDA Board Member

[email protected]

Scott Hardy, DDA Board Member

[email protected]

Debbie Hershey, DDA Board Member

[email protected]

T. Michael Jackson, DDA Board Member

[email protected]

Jeff Joubran, DDA Board Member

[email protected]

Todd Knaus, Member at Large

[email protected]

To email the committee, click here