Farmers Market Improvements

Bringing New Life to the Sara Hardy Farmers Market

As the largest market, and largest growers market, in Northern Lower Michigan, the Sara Hardy Downtown Farmers Market is worthy of improvements. In the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year, the Capital Improvement Plan has budgeted funds for an improvement for the Sara Hardy Downtown Farmers Market Space. To best allocate these funds, the DDA hired data gathering firm Avenue ISR to conduct a study that would focus the vision of what the market and this space should be. The findings of this study can be found HERE.

The DDA worked with design firm, Beckett & Raeder and farmers market expert, Hugh Boyd from Mark Ventures, Inc. to help create designs for the space. Based on the most desired concept, the DDA then worked with local designer, Nate Elkins from Influence Design Forum, to look at improvements to the river frontage at the market. You may see the proposed designs below that address the top priorities from the community survey; wider aisles, protection from the elements all within the most desired space by the community, along the Boardman River.  The DDA will be continue to research this project based on the vision and budget, and look moving forward in the near future. 

FUNDING: TIF 97, grants, and private funding

Beckett & Raeder developed five different options for the space. The Steering Committee vetted the options with community stakeholders and conducted a meeting with nearly 100 farm market vendors in attendance. It was decided to move forward with the B1 option based on budget and the opportunity to phase the project.  You can view the concepts by clicking below:

Concept Sketch A

Concept Sketch B1

Concept Sketch B2

Concept Sketch C1

Concept Sketch C2

Sara Hardy Downtown Farmers Market Renderings

Influence Design Forum developed the latest renderings for the Sara Hardy Downtown Farmers Market. Highlights are wider aisles (10′-12′), shelter from the elements, loading zone, seating walls, a food demonstration kitchen (with coffee!), a dedicated box office for staff, and a focus on a better pedestrian flow through the market and at various access points of the market.