The DDA serves as lead agent and catalyst for community and economic
development in downtown. The DDA also…

  • Implements some public infrastructure projects
  • Manages the Downtown Traverse City Association (the downtown merchant association). This involves planning and executing downtown events, promoting and advocating for downtown businesses and handling the downtown gift certificate program.
  • Manages parking services on behalf of the city
  • Manages Arts Commission on behalf of the city
  • Manages the Sara Hardy Farmers Market
  • Plans and implements way-finding program
  • Plans and facilitates downtown cleaning
  • Plans and facilitates holiday lights
  • Plans and facilitates downtown planting program

What doesn’t the DDA do?

The DDA doesn’t provide direct funding to private developers. The DDA can, however, help fund public infrastructure in support of a development (streetscaping and heated sidewalks, for example.

The DDA doesn’t approve and reject private development proposals. The DDA can, however, work with private developers to help identify possible locations and additional resources for existing building rehabilitation and improvements.

The DDA doesn’t take a cut of parking revenue. The city pays an administrative fee to the DDA to manage parking for the city. All other revenues – meters, permits, fines — are allocated to the City.

The DDA doesn’t have ownership of infrastructure. Streets and sidewalks are owned, managed, and maintained by the city, although the DDA is exploring ways to provide enhanced services and has done so in the past.