Downtown Traverse City’s Retail Incubator Is Under Way!
Welcome to the Cass Street Marketplace

As the dedicated stewards of Downtown Traverse City, the DDA has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant and economically thriving city center. Our mission is clear: to propel economic growth and cultivate a world-class downtown that is not only bustling and inclusive, but also a hub for culture, arts, commerce, ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Downtown Traverse City’s success is intrinsically linked to its distinctive storefront economy, with a remarkable concentration of local independent businesses. Approximately 94% of downtown retail or restaurant spaces are home to one-of-a-kind or “chainlets”, regional tenants with a handful of other locations.

Our Retail Incubator

Recognizing the importance of nurturing this cherished retail experience, the DDA unveiled the Cass Street Market Place, the in-development retail incubator. This endeavor will help cultivate a thriving ecosystem of retail entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned for further developments!