To improve safety and accessibility while encouraging people to better engage with downtown businesses, the DDA is advocating to convert sections of three downtown streets from one-way traffic to two-way traffic on a pilot basis. After thorough discussion and review, the DDA Board approved a recommendation to convert State Street, Pine Street, and Boardman Avenue to two-way operation. The next step is for the City Commission to consider this recommendation and to initiate implementation if approved.

To see presentations given to the DDA board regarding this project, click here and here.

What streets are part of this pilot?

State Street from Pine Street to Boardman Avenue, the portion of Pine Street that connects State Street to Front Street and Boardman Avenue from State Street north to Front Street. All three of these sections are currently one way.

Why not leave things the way they are?

Studies have repeatedly shown several key benefits to two way traffic:

– Switching from one-way to two-way traffic helps convert what is in effect a thoroughfare or “pass-through” street to a place where people are encouraged to visit and enjoy, giving a boost to local businesses.

– Drivers can directly access their downtown destinations from both directions, creating more efficient vehicle circulation and reduced driver confusion, particularly in tourist towns.

– Two-way traffic significantly reduces driver speed, lowering the risk of both pedestrian injuries and traffic crashes

– Due in large part to the benefits listed above, property values have been shown to increase along streets after they have been converted from one-way to two-way traffic.

Is Front Street included?

At this time, Front Street is not part of this pilot project.

When will this occur?

The two-way conversion is expected to be implemented beginning in late 2022.

How long will the pilot last?

Two years, with the option to extend for an additional two years.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please call DDA Chief Executive Officer Jean Derenzy at (231) 922-2050 or email her at

ANTICIPATED TIMELINE (subject to change)

September 2022: City Commission to discuss during study session.

October 2022: City Commission to discuss further and vote on plan on Oct. 17.

Fall/Winter 2022-23. Plan is implemented (provided City Commission approves).