Lower Boardman River Unified Plan

A website has been dedicated to the Lower Boardman River Unified Plan Project. Please visit the Lower Boardman River website here to learn more.

The Traverse City DDA has created a Lower Boardman River Leadership Team. The primary purpose is to have a Unified Plan completed in 2019 that protects and preserves the River while identifying facilities, amenities, programs, and other considerations that should be implemented to encourage maximum use and enjoyment of this natural resource in Downtown Traverse City.  

“The Boardman River is a remarkable asset to Downtown Traverse City and it is time that we focus on a plan that celebrates and also protects. Working with community members on a unified plan will shape the future of the river and create a framework as new development takes place in Downtown Traverse City,” says Jean Derenzy, DDA CEO.

The DDA recently hired Smith Group as a consultant assist in the development of a Unified Plan for the Lower Boardman River. The consultant fee of $40,000 will be covered by grants and TIF 97. A $5,000 Consumers Energy Foundation Grant was awarded for the project. TIF 97 will contribute $10,000.

Information on the development of the Unified Plan may be found HERE.

Learn More on Public Engagement and scheduled events here.

Public Engagement Kick-Off: June 12th
Public Engagement Sessions for area Focus Groups: July 24th & 25th
Public Engagement Pop Ups: August 12th – August 23rd
FishPass Public Engagement Facilitation: October 15th and 30th.

Lower Boardman River Leadership Team

Harry Burkholder, DDA COO

Elise Crafts, Business Owner & City Resident

Christine Crissman, The Watershed Center

Jean Derenzy, DDA CEO

Frank Dituri, City DPS Director

Tim Ervin, Facilitator

Brett Fessell, GT Band

Tim Werner, City Commissioner

Jennifer Jay, City Resident

Rick Korndorfer, Property Owner & City Resident

Deni Scrudato, City Resident

Russ Soyring, City Planner

Mike Vickery, City Resident

Email the Leadership Team HERE