Welcome To Downtown Traverse City’s New Retail Incubator – The Cass Street Marketplace!

As the dedicated stewards of Downtown Traverse City, the DDA has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant and economically thriving city center. Our mission is clear: to propel economic growth and cultivate a world-class downtown that is not only bustling and inclusive, but also a hub for culture, arts, commerce, ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Downtown Traverse City’s success is intrinsically linked to its distinctive storefront economy, with a remarkable concentration of local independent businesses. Approximately 94% of downtown retail or restaurant spaces are home to one-of-a-kind or “chainlets”, regional tenants with a handful of other locations.

Our Retail Incubator

Recognizing the importance of nurturing this cherished retail experience, the DDA is thrilled to unveil The Cass Street Market Place, our upcoming retail incubator. Set to launch in the fall of 2023, this endeavor will help cultivate a thriving ecosystem of retail entrepreneurs.

Join the Retail Renaissance!

Are you excited about redefining retail? Do you want to be part of an ecosystem that champions innovation and entrepreneurship? If you are interested in becoming a tenant at The Cass Street Marketplace, please fill out the application below. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The application window for the initial selection of tenants has been extended until October 13th. We anticipate the Cass Street Marketplace will still be open and ready for customers by mid-November.

Cass Street Marketplace Application

Together, lets shape the future of retail in downtown Traverse City – a future that’s dynamic, diverse and destined for greatness.

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